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At Aegis Interaktif Asia, we assist our clients to deal with critical and sensitive issues impacting on their business, people and customers. Our team brings decades of experience and knowledge from supporting our global clients in dealing with these issues across Asia and elsewhere.

Corporate & Financial Crime

All organisations are susceptible to White-Collar Crimes. This includes wide-scale theft of product, internal and external fraud and collusion, procurement fraud, accounting fraud and embezzlement, forgery, insider trading, organised crime, cybercrime, money laundering and others. Financial crime can infect any organisation and have a serious impact on bottom-line results.

Digital & Cyber Forensic

Business is ever more reliant on its digital and cyber resources to be effective. Our investigation methodology and tools allows a disciplined approach to maintain a documented chain of evidence to determine what happened and who was responsible in dual or wide area networks as well as ERP systems, production, operations and financial processing systems.

Regulatory Compliance

Laws and regulations change constantly. Often organisations find themselves in breach of regulations without knowing it or without knowing that their employees are putting them at risk of a breach. Each industry and jurisdiction has its own special set of regulations with which organisations must comply and often there will be conflicts between home jurisdiction regulations and local regulations. Our structured approach will assist in identifying the risks of non-compliance and provide a roadmap to remediation of these gaps.

Due Diligence & Research

Our Asia wide due diligence network allows companies to protect their investments and make more informed business decisions. We specialise in new and emerging markets across Asia. There is no one size fits all due diligence. As such, a bespoke approach depending on the location, the nature of the subject(s) and the depth of research required.

Fraud & Cyber Security Training

Knowledge of the risks facing your organisation are critical to being able to recognise them when they arise and then dealing with them. Our team are experts at delivering training in all areas of fraud and security. These include fraud awareness, fraud investigations, anti-money laundering, cyber security, physical security and others.

Tailored Services

We have delivered tailored programs for specific clients and industries including in depth fraud and workplace investigation techniques, fraud interviewing, cyber fraud detection, active shooter response, personal protection and driver security.

Capabilities across Asia and globally.

We provide expert forensic and compliance/investigation services to clients across Asia from its base in Singapore. With our resources located in Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar and Cambodia, we are able to respond to client's needs quickly anywhere across the Asia Pacific region. We are also able to draw on our global network of associates to provide support in other locations.

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Aegis team members are also members of Council of International Investigators (CII), World Association of International Investigators (WAPI), and Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). We look forward to providing not just the best services to you but also the most updated insights about the fraud world for better prevention.

“Our mission is to protect your reputation and achieve the highest levels of integrity at every step of the process”
PETER COLEMAN - Director & Founder