A Rolex Is Always A Rolex: Even When It's A Fake.

No matter which way you slice it or dice it, a crime has been committed and nobody is doing anything

This week certain members of Parliament in Australia admitted to having received Rolex watches from a Chinese businessman back in 2013. AT the time the politicians were in opposition, but now form the government. These politicians decided to keep these Rolex watches believing them to be fakes and not worth $40,000. It was only when a "real" Rolex owning fellow pollie noted that the "fake" was probably a real Rolex that they went to have them valued and found that they were indeed real. At this stage the watches were given back to the Chinese businessman.

So here is the problem. It is a specific crime in Australia to possess counterfeit products. It is also a crime for a politician to accept a gift in their official capacity, especially a gift worth $40,000, and not declare it.

If by their own admission they thought the watches were fake, why didn't they report this to the Australian Federal Police or Customs. As they did not do this why are they not being charged with the criminal offence of possession of counterfeit goods?

Seeing as they kept these Rolex watches, which are really worth $40,000 each and wore them for their personal use for some time, why are they not being investigated for what is either a serious breach of parliamentary rules, or accepting a bribe.

One way or another these politicians have committed a crime or a serious breach of the rules but nothing is being done about it?

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