Henry Trisnadi

Associate Director

Henry is an experienced Forensic Accountant and Fraud & Corruption investigator. Prior to joining Aegis Interaktif Asia, Henry held a range of positions including with USS, BDO Indonesia, PT Censere Far East, Mitramibilindo and Liebert Corporation (USA).

Henry holds a Master's of Accounting degree from the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, USA. He also holds a Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration majoring in Marketing and Transportation Logistics, also from the Ohio State University.

Henry has worked a range of complex fraud and corruption investigations across Asia, notably in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. He has also conducted deep forensic research on subjects in multiple jurisdictions using open source intelligence techniques.

Henry has experiences being embedded into client organisations to gain insights into fraud and corruption schemes for clients leading to the identification of the causes of the activities and made recommendations for improvement to the processes used by those businesses.

Industries in which Henry has conducted these sensitive investigations include: Hi-Tech Manufacturing; Food Manufacturing; Fast Moving Consumer Goods; Logistics / Supply Chain Management; Plantations; Mining; Oil & Gas; Financial Services and many others.

Henry is fluent in Indonesian and English and has elementary proficiency in Chinese.

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