Michael Lew

Cyber & Data Security Specialist

Michael is the Cyber and Data Security Specialist ofAegis Interaktif Asia Pte Ltd. Michael specialises in Digital Forensics Investigations,Cyber Risk Management, Cybersecurity Assessment, Data Breach & IncidentResponse and Expert Witness Services.

He is a published co-author of the book, A practical guide to E-Discovery in Asia. In 2017, he founded AI-driven Legaltech startup LegalComet, which was since acquired by Rajah & Tann (a leading law firm in Asia). Michael was also recognized by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) in 2022 as a tech expert for his contribution to the cybersecurity industry call for innovation.

Michael has provided expert testimonies in both the courts of Singapore and Malaysia and has played a part in numerous cases involving financial institutions, technology firms, construction, media, maritime, and the healthcare industry.

Michael is an exemplary professional who attentively listens to client requirements and desired outcomes. He strives to demonstrate meticulousness in handling the details and prioritizes safeguarding the client's interests throughout the entire process.

Moreover, he is adaptable and readily available to engage within tight deadlines, consistently committing to completing tasks accurately and promptly.

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