Peter Coleman

Director & Founder

Peter's wealth of experience and wisdom in fraud and corruption matters across multiple industries focusing on Asia along with his easy-going sincerity and pragmatism makes him one of the best people to work with.

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Peter has been based in Asia since 1994. He has lived and worked in Singapore and Indonesia since 2005.

With more than 30 years of experience in law enforcement in the public and private sector, Peter meets all challenges with unquestionable passion, intuition and principled eagerness in equal measures. Over that period, Peter has worked for clients in a range of countries across Asia such as China, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the Maldives. Additionally, he has executed engagements in South Africa, South America, the USA, and Europe.

Peter has previously led forensic practices for PwC Australia, Hill & Associates, BDO Indonesia, and Deloitte Southeast Asia. Prior to this Peter has also worked for other international organisations in Australia, Malaysia and the USA. He served with the Victoria Police in Australia for 16 years, mostly as a Crime Department Detective.

Other than having a diploma in Criminology and a degree in Sociology, Peter is also a certified International Investigator by the Council of International Investigators.

When Peter takes on a case, his clients are bound to reap the benefit of his considerable knowledge, experience and intense personal investment.

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“Our mission is to protect your reputation and achieve the highest levels of integrity at every step of the process”
PETER COLEMAN - Director & Founder