Jihan Angrila

Forensic Associate

As a Forensic Associate, my role involves enhancing Aegis and its client base by effectively communicating key information about the fraud industry's dynamics and recent developments through social media. By engaging in thorough research, I've built a collaborative platform that encourages the exchange of expertise and the formation of strategic partnerships, ultimately aiding in thorough due diligence practices. Moreover, I am dedicated to maintaining the integrity and excellence of content across Aegis's media outlets, ensuring we deliver reliable and valuable information consistently.

Peter Coleman
Director & Founder
Gavin McIntyre
Director & Partner
Alvah Davis
Co-Founder, Head of Americas & Artificial Intelligence
Diana Chen
Associate Director
Henry Trisnadi
Associate Director
Roger Tan
Senior Consultant
Michael Lew
Cyber & Data Security Specialist
Raj Nair
Restructuring Adviser
Muchamad Iqbal
Forensic Associate
“Our mission is to protect your reputation and achieve the highest levels of integrity at every step of the process”
PETER COLEMAN - Director & Founder